About me

Top 10 personality traits: passionate, introspective, aesthetic...

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I am a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, communicating ideas and telling stories through design, infographics and writing.

Creating and collaborating on original content energizes me. I work with artists, scientists, publishers and businesses to bring their concepts to life.

Design process diagram | I think right and left. what about you?

On my blog I express my appreciation for different kinds of creativity, and relate them to each other—because sometimes a song is best described with a flavor, or a dance looks like a moving typeface.

Annie HollywoodI recently moved to LA from NYC, and enjoy exploring the city (on foot!): taking photo odysseys with my husband, a point-and-shoot, and my new rescue dog Pinto, thinking about what to eat next. See what I see on my tumblr Annie Hollywood.

Whence did the wondrous mystic art arise of painting speech and speaking to the eyes? That we by tracing magic lines are taught how to embody and to colour thought?

—William Massey, Hermann Zapf’s Manuale Typographicum

Secret weapons

  • print production skills
  • liberal arts degree
  • tenacious Googling
  • hand lettering

Loving right now

  • night hiking
  • ballet in cinema
  • Holga cameras
  • craft beer

Want to learn about

  • drawing with Processing
  • iPad publishing
  • Asian supermarket ingredients
  • California wildflowers
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