(graphic) design images on Pinterest

Pinterest widget hack for free WordPress blogs

I decided to join Pinterest so that I could integrate the images I pin into the sidebar of my blog. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered there’s no easy way to do it—pinboard plugins are available for self-hosted wordpress.org blogs, but not on free wordpress.com. Could I create a workaround using one of the existing … Continue reading

Leap Year lettering, Avenir
Altered Bridesmaids movie poster, "Ride Me"

Altered images, subway edition

Subway posters aren’t designed to be interactive, but sometimes they get hijacked—graffitied, blackened, torn and rearranged. Generally, I enjoy the results. The posters are ads to consume or deflect, not frescoes to revere. The altered versions tend to conform to just a few common themes. It isn’t exactly original to draw a moustache on someone—Duchamp … Continue reading

Title still from Bong Joon Ho's "Mother"

MOTHER letter

I’m an online misfit when it comes to self-disclosure. Sharing works in progress, sketches and half-formed ideas, not to mention my real name, has all the appeal of walking the plank naked (now I’ve turned creative anxiety into a porn scenario). But I like it when other people do it, and I recognize the disconnect … Continue reading

New York Lottery Mother's Day poster

Viewing motherhood

I am a daughter, but not a mother. Dorothea Lange’s famously photographed migrant mother had seven children at the age I have none. What I guess is this: once you become a mother, you cannot be impartial, observing life without participating. You are vested, primal. Writer Sarah Black describes a mother’s transformed gloss on reality … Continue reading

Storage Deluxe logo = SNL d*ck in a box

Storage Deluxe’s logo typo

Logo design, meet dirty mind… Is the oddly scaled box in Storage Deluxe’s logo an appropriate fig leaf for the friendly neighborhood mover hefting it? Not according to Saturday Night Live…

Don't hoard - Japan disaster infographic by stam_mats2

Japan disaster & public service imagery

“STOP HOARDING!” This infographic speaks loud and clear to the needs of Japanese people affected by the earthquake and tsunami, even if you don’t know their language. It is an instance of image as public service. Scare tactics? By contrast, Tokyo photographer Rikki Kasso accuses American news networks of sensationalizing the crisis, to no one’s … Continue reading

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