Old-school photo line conversion in Photoshop

It all started here:

Old-school photo line screen conversion

I was mesmerized, not by Steve’s mustache, but by the graphic, vibrating, toothy line screens he promised. Decades ago. Design history books had shown me the quick and dirty magic worked by slapping one of these babies on a photo. Goodbye boring, hello instant illustration. And we can keep it a 1-color job. Okay, I don’t really know how it all went down, but I knew I wanted the film look in the digital world.

I’m planning a tutorial on ways to best approximate the look in Photoshop, but I found that for the fine-grained control I wanted, the answer was the Andromeda Screens Plug-In. Here’s a quick sketch showing off its ability to transform a humdrum photo. Using this plugin in Photoshop is the best of old and new worlds: with the ability to layer multiple screen conversions, you can create and paint textured images I assume would have been difficult or impossible to produce in the past. Get a Wall Street Journal style portrait quickly or go less realistic and more distressed.


Before: boring stock photo


After: Andromeda Screens sketch

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