Book cover design #1: Victorian color, Atomic Age twist

Gerard Manley Hopkins, Penguin Poets 1963
Designer unknown.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
A selection of his poems and prose by W.H. Gardner
The Penguin Poets, D15, Penguin Books 1963.

Color palette from two covers

32/30/85/0 12/62/49/0 72/60/64/57 52/42/84/22 18/81/100/6
#b7a54d #d97c73 #2f3633 #727040 #c25025

Age of Enterprise, Cochran & Miller, cover design Al Nagy
Cover design by Al Nagy.

The Age of Enterprise: A Social History of Industrial America
revised edition by Thomas C. Cochran and William Miller
Harper Torchbooks, The Academy Library, Harper & Row Publishers 1961.

Other covers by Al Nagy

Blood, Leo Vroman, cover design by Al NagyBanquets of the Black Widowers, Isaac Asimov, cover by Al NagyNomads of the Long Bow, Allan Holmberg, cover by Al Nagy

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