The meaning of stripes

Just rainbow eye candy?

Georges Briard Palette dinner plates

Georges Briard Palette dinner plates

Hudson's Bay striped pea coat

Hudson's Bay striped pea coat

Striped Norguet chair

Acrylic rainbow chair, Patrick Norguet for Cappellini

Paul Rand: A Designer's Art

Paul Rand package designs, IBM Supply Kit, 1979

Or something more?

Nature has striped the zebra. Man has striped his flags and awnings, ties and shirts. For the typographer, stripes are rules; for the architect they are a means of creating optical illusions. Stripes are dazzling, sometimes hypnotic, usually happy. They are universal. They have adorned the walls of houses, churches, and mosques. Stripes attract attention. —Paul Rand

What do stripes do? Are they simple decoration? With a little help from my bookshelf, I discovered they had more meaning than I realized. Stripes create motion, tension, sequence, order, imprisonment, division, unity, shades of gray…

Stripes define…


Striped coat / body diagram

The human body in perspective

Force & flow

Waterfall chair design

waterfall photo, pixiepic's; lower right diagram, Art and Abstraction in Nature


position (latitute, longitude)


growth (tree rings)


  • Stripes (Wary Meyers Decorative Arts)
One Response to “The meaning of stripes”
  1. Stripes mean a sense of movement whilst not moving.

    Stripes help me blend in with the pack whilst still being unique.

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