Autumn dusk at Socrates Sculpture Park

One week ago

Windowed house, Socrates Sculpture Park

The heating costs are so high...

Windowed house closeup, Socrates Sculpture Park

I can see right through you.

Totem and autumn leaves, Socrates Sculpture Park

Pinnacle of plastic

Guts grotto, Socrates Sculpture Park

Grotto of guts? I don't get it.

Dimensional cube, Socrates Sculpture Park

P thinks the Brutalism of this dimensional cube looks Soviet.

Cube from below, Socrates Sculpture Park

Or is it Constructivist? Workers to infinity!

People walking dogs, Socrates Sculpture Park

If I only had a dog...

Beautiful plastic bottle shanty, Socrates Sculpture Park

Beautiful plastic bottle shanty

Dogs walk through sculpture, Socrates Sculpture Park

The dogs love this sculpture for only one reason...

Dog viewed in mirror, Socrates Sculpture Park

Pissing contest!

Like a Hollywood set, Socrates Sculpture Park

Like a Hollywood set: manifest destiny.

New York City skyline, Socrates Sculpture Park

Dim the lights... goodbye.

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  1. […] Book cover awesomeness bloggers November 24, 2010 tags: blog, books by beckhen Montague Projects Daily Book Graphics Julian Montague is also the creator of The Stray Shopping Cart Project. Too bad I missed the sculptures he had installed at Socrates Sculpture Park. […]

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