Maximalist design: sweet & opulent Victorian valentines

I’d call this style maximalist marzipan—almost too saccharine, but the dimensionality of the collaging and diecutting is of enduring beauty and interest. I am always touched when I see fragile ephemera in good condition. It’s poignant to peek into sentiments a century-plus old. The layering impulse is one people still have: the more lace doilies, roses, cherubs, innocent children, birds, bowers and churches you shower your loved ones with, the more you love them. Well-meant excess is a common holiday pitfall applied to food (Sandra Lee, I’m talking to you), home decorating and gift-giving. I support holiday exuberance until it crosses over into stress, peer pressure or guilt trips. I know these valentines are out of season, but I’m sure I can find a batch of Christmas cards to post next.

Maximalism: The Graphic Design of Decadence & Excess

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Special Edition)

Victorian valentine: boy and girl

Victorian valentine: birds, flowers, cherubs

Victorian valentine: boy with bow

Victorian valentine: sailboat

Victorian valentine: girl & snowy church

Victorian valentine: cherub & flower basket

Victorian valentine: kitten & dove

Victorian valentine: "I forget thee never"

"I forget thee never"

Images belong to NEATCURIOS, but the items have since been sold.

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