Retro-snark window display

Why not pause during the course of my busy day to take pictures of the display windows at Fishs Eddy, purveyors of plates, glassware and tchotchkes? I can only hope I am less of a neurotic New Yorker than our lovely painted portrait characters, but I did get all the in-jokes (forgive the typos).

Actually, Fishs Eddy would be a good place for NYC visitors to shop, because they have locally-themed items that are more classy and creative than a Statue of Liberty snowglobe or an I ♥ NY t-shirt. Like this and this.

Meanwhile, check out a roundup of New York City’s famous fashion windows over at The Bespoken: For Gentlemen.

woman with text bubble complains men don't clean

woman with text bubble mocks friend for pretending to cook

man with text bubble gossips friend is a locavore

woman with text bubble gets "local" delivery from gourmet shop

woman with text bubble dreads mother's visit

woman with text bubble disparages FIL's comedy

man with text bubble overwhelmed by relatives

man with text bubble plans to regift

woman with text bubble makes fun of Becky's etsy failure

woman with text bubble gossips about aunt's plastic surgery

5 Responses to “Retro-snark window display”
  1. Very cool idea! I’ll right about it in my blog!

  2. Kirill Green says:

    i wrote about this windows in our window dressers community, thank U for fotos!

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