MOTHER letter

Antalya ( Turkey ). Toilet seat used as flower...


I’m an online misfit when it comes to self-disclosure. Sharing works in progress, sketches and half-formed ideas, not to mention my real name, has all the appeal of walking the plank naked (now I’ve turned creative anxiety into a porn scenario). But I like it when other people do it, and I recognize the disconnect there. So I’m ready for some desensitization therapy. Presumably it won’t be as bad as licking a toilet seat.

I came up with an idea for a Mother’s Day card but didn’t have time to work it up for the holiday. Maybe next year?

Inspiration 1: MOTHER movie credits

Title still from Bong Joon Ho's "Mother"

Inspiration 2: spontaneous lettering

Roz Chast "Boho Bribes" lettering

from my favorite dorky humorist Roz Chast, 'nuff said

"I went to MoMA and felt connected even though I went alone."

I love how Emily from Long Island chose a different lettering style to express each of her words, particularly the dark sardine-packed 'connected' and the wistfully placed 'alone.'

Inspiration 3: Victorian-inspired typefaces

Because over-the-top sentimentality and femininity feels right.

Victorian Mother's Day album on

myfonts album

Mother’s Day card mashup

Like the movie title, the word MOTHER forms a vertically-oriented acronym. And like the MoMA visitor cards, it’s a blank template to fill in with your own experience. Fill the blanks with things she loves, like Moonpies and Tango, or things you love about her, like Her singing, or things you do together: Our picnics. Or try writing a spare haiku-style poem to express more ambivalent feelings.
Mother's Day card sketch

Memories Magic Must Maybe
Of Openness Our Our
Trust To Ties Tension
Help Humor; Hold Heals;
Empathy Even Even Everything’s
Recognition Raunchy Resentment? Relative

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