Totalitarian hairology: Soviets

Leap year lettering

Leap Year lettering, Avenir

MOTHER letter

Title still from Bong Joon Ho's "Mother"

I’m an online misfit when it comes to self-disclosure. Sharing works in progress, sketches and half-formed ideas, not to mention my real name, has all the appeal of walking the plank naked (now I’ve turned creative anxiety into a porn scenario). But I like it when other people do it, and I recognize the disconnect … Continue reading

St. Louis breweriana

Katz, Premium 905 beer cans

Never has a restaurant wait been so welcome than during my visit to Schlafly Bottleworks. Leaving P to mind the bossy, flashing hockey puck that would signal our table’s readiness, I snapped pictures of their exhibit on St. Louis brewing history. It was an orgy of vintage type and packaging, by turns clumsy and ornate. … Continue reading

Red Shoes type is on point

Technicolor lettering from The Red Shoes

While I was collecting screencaps for yesterday’s post on the doomed heroines of Black Swan and The Red Shoes, I sat up and took notice of the beautiful type, lettering and handwriting peppered throughout the latter movie, and even given loving closeups. For inspiration purposes,

White House Cook Book

Sirloin of beef

I clipped the cover image of the White House Cook Book when I saw the book for sale because I was intrigued by the swashes and the attractive, haphazard layout. Published in 1913, it’s in the public domain, and can be viewed in full online. The first chapter on carving has cute line drawings of … Continue reading

NANA title numbers

Facing the “First post!” awkwardness made me think about numbers and dates themselves, and I remembered some screencaps I took while watching the anime NANA. The show charts the friendship between naive good girl Nana Komatsu and cynical rocker Nana Osaki—the odd couple as young, female and Japanese. Each episode featured a uniquely designed title … Continue reading

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