DesignCast recap: 25 tips for saving time with Adobe Creative Suite

25 Great Tips for CS5

I attended this free online seminar (webinar) hosted by Scott Citron on November 4th. The content was good, but the presentation could have been better rehearsed and timed, as less than half the material was presented in the first hour. Then Scott’s computer froze during an unexpected Time Machine sync and had to be restarted, which disconnected the feed. All told the webinar lasted for two hours including the Q&A.

25 Great Tips for CS5 pdf

New in CS5

Not many of the tips refer to new features of CS5—most would be applicable to earlier versions. The new features I am most excited about are in InDesign: Span or Split Columns (#13) and Gridify (#16). In Photoshop, Puppet Warp (#20) was a little creepy as it was applied to making a sock bear skinnier. I am sure the tool will be used to slim down models and actresses for fashion editorial, but it renewed my internal dialogue about Photoshop ethics. The term “puppet” (borrowed from video rendering), as opposed to “model,” strikes me as showing increased disregard for and disconnect from the photo subject, who can be manipulated every which way after the fact. Sorry for the soapbox tangent. I blame the sock bear.

My favorite tips

It did my ego good that not all the content was new to me. And yet some of the simplest things were the biggest revelations. Tops was #8, Comma, Period and Forward Slash keys in Illustrator. With an object selected, press forward slash to apply none. “Doh!” That’s years of my life right there. Also in Illustrator, if you don’t know how to apply multiple strokes (and other appearance attributes) to an object, you will definitely want to check out Multiple Appearances (#5). For Bridge, I completely agree that beginning editing of TIFFs and JPEGs in Camera Raw is the way to go (#11. Adobe Camera Raw: Not Just for Raw Files), but I first learned about that through this DVD: Photoshop CS5 for Digital Photographers.

Webinar links

Mac version
PC version

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