DesignCast recap: Step up your web designs with real web fonts

WebINK sample web fonts page

I would recommend attending any of the HOW | Print DesignCasts in your interest area. Know that they will last 90–120 minutes rather than the stated hour. The content is strong enough to offset the fact that these are, at base, marketing pitches for specific products. Here are my notes on the DesignCast I attended … Continue reading

DesignCast recap: 25 tips for saving time with Adobe Creative Suite

I attended this free online seminar (webinar) hosted by Scott Citron on November 4th. The content was good, but the presentation could have been better rehearsed and timed, as less than half the material was presented in the first hour. Then Scott’s computer froze during an unexpected Time Machine sync and had to be restarted, … Continue reading

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