Women of mystery

One day I photocopied inspiration images using an unmaintained institutional Xerox machine. Normally I would be aggravated it couldn’t reproduce tonal images accurately—but on that day the beautifully grainy, sfumato results, like mezzotints, were a happy accident. Or a mysterious and melancholy one.

I give you goddesses, warrior women, noir ladies and theater gypsies—how they styled their hair and what they put on their heads.

Shadowed woman in costume

Sassy Regency lady

Noir dame in turban

Famous Irving Penn portrait with hat, veil and scarf

Ballerina as Swan Queen

Regency and Classical-inspired hairstyle

Beaded headdress

Goddess-type plays pipes

Amazon Naomi Campbell

Jazz Age profile in furs

Polka dot Irving Penn profile

Enigmatic turban wearer

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