Japan disaster & public service imagery

Don't hoard - Japan disaster infographic by stam_mats2

“STOP HOARDING!” This infographic speaks loud and clear to the needs of Japanese people affected by the earthquake and tsunami, even if you don’t know their language. It is an instance of image as public service. Scare tactics? By contrast, Tokyo photographer Rikki Kasso accuses American news networks of sensationalizing the crisis, to no one’s … Continue reading

Steal this composition

Portrait of Ann Reading, N. C. Wyeth, ca. 1930

These days I go to museums not to bathe in vague inspiration but to collect visual ideas and absorb technique. I still enjoy myself, but I notice I am picking out specific parts of a work that interest me, and that I could duplicate in my own images or design work. August, 2009. My feet … Continue reading

12 days of Typemas: vintage Nutcracker album

Nutcracker decorative initials

The power of line

New York Times magazine illustration, Kit Hinrichs/Pentagram

Christmas flourishes: paper, pattern, type

Fielding Schofield calligraphy bird

Collected images with a seasonal feeling, featuring special printing and finishing techniques.

Timeless Danish Modern 1963 and 2008

Danish Modern, Kodachrome © National Geographic Society

January 1963. It’s almost ridiculous this Danish Modern interior appears utterly contemporary 47 years later…

Red Shoes type is on point

Technicolor lettering from The Red Shoes

While I was collecting screencaps for yesterday’s post on the doomed heroines of Black Swan and The Red Shoes, I sat up and took notice of the beautiful type, lettering and handwriting peppered throughout the latter movie, and even given loving closeups. For inspiration purposes,

Hand-tinted silent film promo cards

Rudolph Valentino, toreador

This post is dedicated to dear friend and film buff Charlie Fisher. Long ago as a junior copywriter à la Peggy Olson, he penned a tagline for Oreo knockoffs—”the black and white cookie with the Technicolor taste.” The silent films here were shot in black and white, but their promos are certainly speaking Technicolor. Click … Continue reading

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