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1920s floral textile

From dachshunds on parade to the state of California, these novelty handkerchiefs are miniature works of art  (Daisy Fairbanks Vintage) Gaze at a Stars and Diamonds silk patchwork quilt—The Charleston Museum’s new tumblr posts a piece from their collection every “Textile Tuesday” Before there was vintage—“Second Lives: The Age-Old Art of Recycling Textiles” shows off … Continue reading

Timeless Danish Modern 1963 and 2008

Danish Modern, Kodachrome © National Geographic Society

January 1963. It’s almost ridiculous this Danish Modern interior appears utterly contemporary 47 years later…

Project Runway: Gretchen’s jewelry design liftoff?

Pierre Cardin's space-age jewelry, 1969

Marchesa mimics vintage

Love that lettuce hem. In all fairness, Marchesa’s fanciful designs are a higher-end iteration of the 60s and 70s boutique cocktail dresses that inspired them. And yet, it’s a truism of vintage fashion to say “They just don’t make ’em like they used to.” If you covet curlicue wired hems, look to the source material … Continue reading

Women of mystery

Shadowed woman in costume

One day I photocopied inspiration images using an unmaintained institutional Xerox machine. Normally I would be aggravated it couldn’t reproduce tonal images accurately—but on that day the beautifully grainy, sfumato results, like mezzotints, were a happy accident. Or a mysterious and melancholy one. I give you goddesses, warrior women, noir ladies and theater gypsies—how they … Continue reading

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