Collected words #1

my word notebook

boscage • natural grouping of trees or shrubs (thicket or wood)

caryatid • sculpted female figure serving as architectural pillar or column

omphalos • a rounded stone in Apollo’s temple at Delphi—to the ancients, the center of the world; a central point

fulgent • very bright, radiant

anneal • to fire or glaze as in a kiln; to heat (glass/metal) + cool slowly to prevent brittleness; to strengthen + temper (the mind, will, etc.)


odoriferous • yielding or diffusing an odor

sfumato • an effect, as in oil painting, of tones shading into one another so no sharp outlines appear

fuliginous • full of smoke or soot; dark, dusky

impercipience • state of being imperceptive


eidetic • referring to vivid and perfect visual recall

fulminate • to explode with sudden violence; shout forth, denunciate

execrable • abominable, detestable

acidulous • sour, sarcastic (acidulent)

recusant • (recusancy) dissenter/nonconformist


hebetude • mental dullness, lethargy

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