Red Shoes type is on point

While I was collecting screencaps for yesterday’s post on the doomed heroines of Black Swan and The Red Shoes, I sat up and took notice of the beautiful type, lettering and handwriting peppered throughout the latter movie, and even given loving closeups. For inspiration purposes, here’s a selection.

J. Arthur Rank type from The Red Shoes

Nice chiseled, rounded Art Deco type; love that unicase 'n'

Archers Production type from The Red Shoes

A lot of movement and elegance in the flyaway serifs; check out that crazy 'N' leg!

The Red Shoes logo, book with swash characters

The rough brushed title lettering looks much better than the DVD cover cutout version; the swashes on the book's spine are amazing, breaking horizontally like ocean waves

Technicolor lettering from The Red Shoes

'Colour' loops and cascades like ballet shoe ribbons; a 'C' that exuberant I want to drink with my morning coffee

Mercury Theatre outdoor signage from The Red Shoes

Wall-painted letters, so Gill-like, are classic and modern

Extravagantly typeset Mercury Theatre poster from The Red Shoes

Chicken, meet egg: For a 'Lac des Cygnes' feeling, I would go for pretty Canada Type fonts like...

Odette, Flirt, Chikita

Rehearsal notice handwriting from The Red Shoes

Digitize me!

The Red Shoes program type

Even more nuanced brushwork; I heart the Cyrillic-inflected 'R'—the entrance and exit of 'ballet' are pretty good too

Coppélia swash characters from the Red Shoes

I'm having déjà vu here; for something like this I'd look to...

Gert Wiescher

The Red Shoes typeset poster

Oh, the scimitar-like foreleg on Petrouchka's 'R'

Luggage labels from The Red Shoes

The double-barred 'H' and two-story 's'—bellhop, catch me as I swoon!

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