Storage Deluxe’s logo typo

Logo design, meet dirty mind…

Storage Deluxe logo = SNL d*ck in a box

a gift for you

Is the oddly scaled box in Storage Deluxe’s logo an appropriate fig leaf for the friendly neighborhood mover hefting it? Not according to Saturday Night Live

Vodpod videos no longer available.
3 Responses to “Storage Deluxe’s logo typo”
  1. Mary says:

    This is an awesome logo. It came out first, so I guess SNL stole it from Storage Deluxe. Kudos to the moving company on a great logo!

    • beckhen says:

      Thanks for pointing out the timing.

      Joking aside, I’d like to hear how people feel brands should respond when a negative pop culture association crops up around them. Ignore it, change their branding or get in on the joke?

  2. effina says:

    Love it–I thought the same thing when I saw this ad!

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