Storage Deluxe’s logo typo

Storage Deluxe logo = SNL d*ck in a box

Logo design, meet dirty mind… Is the oddly scaled box in Storage Deluxe’s logo an appropriate fig leaf for the friendly neighborhood mover hefting it? Not according to Saturday Night Live…

Dance makes music: Kanye West & Ulysses Dove

Desmond Richardson performs Ulysses Dove's choreography (youtube still)

  It may be old news that Kanye’s a douche, but I do like to track ballet’s convergence with pop culture (can we say Black Swan). His stylish Runaway video highlights a cluster of black-clad ballet dancers, but suffers from being choreographically thin. They clump more than they move. Two of the three soloists, the … Continue reading

Valentine TV spuds & duds

I spud U

What passes for romance on Valentine’s Day? Is it sugar-spice-nice girls under the protection of boys formed from sterner stuff, like snakes, snails and puppy dog tails? (I’d like to see that rendered Arcimboldo-style, by the way.) Yes, in the case of this embarrassingly retrogressive Kay Jewelers ad, where a woman is cowed by a … Continue reading

Project Runway: Gretchen’s jewelry design liftoff?

Pierre Cardin's space-age jewelry, 1969

Columbo capsalong: Cindy Sherman edition

My phone call from prison

Columbo: kindly, sage, disheveled, indirect. So interpersonally astute he needs no CSI to solve crimes. He relies on being underestimated, historically a feminine strategy. He’s like the woman behind his own throne, but he’s a man, so he gets to be a detective. And indeed, a lovable one. I always root for him. Except for … Continue reading

Balloon of doom

Balloon of doom

P and I are big fans of the original Prisoner series. I once showed an episode to my dad, and he paused thoughtfully and labeled it “delphic,” by which I believe he meant pointless masquerading as profound. Well, in my book, “I’m not a number, I’m a free man!” is at least as good a … Continue reading

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