Altered images, subway edition

Altered Bridesmaids movie poster, "Ride Me"

Subway posters aren’t designed to be interactive, but sometimes they get hijacked—graffitied, blackened, torn and rearranged. Generally, I enjoy the results. The posters are ads to consume or deflect, not frescoes to revere. The altered versions tend to conform to just a few common themes. It isn’t exactly original to draw a moustache on someone—Duchamp … Continue reading

Storage Deluxe’s logo typo

Storage Deluxe logo = SNL d*ck in a box

Logo design, meet dirty mind… Is the oddly scaled box in Storage Deluxe’s logo an appropriate fig leaf for the friendly neighborhood mover hefting it? Not according to Saturday Night Live…

Subway design: Manhattan vs. tea party

Manhattan Mini Storage subway poster

Fighting words from Manhattan Mini Storage… Like yesterday’s photo, this poster demanded a double take. In a surprisingly political statement, Manhattan Mini Storage winkingly suggests you put your fine china in storage until the phrase “tea party” doesn’t signify right-wing rabble rousers. Hot-button current events and humor are a recipe Manhattan Mini Storage has used … Continue reading

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