Write in place

White Lightning Highway 1

California dreamin’ I have the good fortune to be planning my first-ever trip to California, and the misfortune to wait till spring shades into summer to go. It was a tough winter. MID-JANUARY – LATE NIGHT BLACK: From the unsheltered aerie of Queensboro Plaza, P and I retreat down the stairwell to wait for the … Continue reading

Dance makes music: Kanye West & Ulysses Dove

Desmond Richardson performs Ulysses Dove's choreography (youtube still)

  It may be old news that Kanye’s a douche, but I do like to track ballet’s convergence with pop culture (can we say Black Swan). His stylish Runaway video highlights a cluster of black-clad ballet dancers, but suffers from being choreographically thin. They clump more than they move. Two of the three soloists, the … Continue reading

Good & bad creative advice

I take it as a given that people offering advice want to be helpful. BUT. Haven’t you found that well-meaning advice only sometimes hits its mark? Tone is important, and there is no one-size-fits-all. Humor and reflection are key in the mentors I seek out. I notice that the discourse about design and creativity often … Continue reading

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