Shake Shack December custard ratings

Shake Shack candy cane custard rating = double scoop

SPLAT = worth skipping SINGLE = worth trying DOUBLE = worth a repeat TRIPLE = worth a special trip! “You’d have to be a masochist to eat frozen custard in December,” I told P. He wasn’t impressed that I only reviewed one Shake Shack flavor last month, cranberry-cashew (a splat under my new Scoopmeter rating … Continue reading

Christmas craziness in NYC

Bike with pink Santas and cranberries

Venture out shopping or otherwise in New York City this time of year and you might encounter ad hoc bicycle art, drunk and disorderlies, crazy marketing ploys and extreme sugar highs. The city that never sleeps ratchets its energy up just a little more than usual. It makes me sorry I’ll be away over Christmas, … Continue reading

Shake Shack review / ice cream roundup

Shake Shack November custard calendar Monday: salted caramel Tuesday: cranberry cashew Wednesday: pumpkin pie Thursday: maple brown butter Friday: banana bread Saturday: Shack Shiraz poached pear Sunday: apple caraway I find myself in the vicinity of Madison Square Park several times a week, and I like to try the seasonal flavors at the original Shake … Continue reading

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