“Boxing Day” boxing graphics

Leaf Gum Co. bubble gum boxing cards: Melio Bettini, Gus Lesnevich, Fred Apostoli

ShoBox broadcast graphics go the distance. Inspired by 19th-century broadsheets, the graphics for Showtime’s boxing programming look distinctive—a nice respite from boring, brushed metal athletic typography. A review of vintage boxing memorabilia shows the sport has traditionally used this style. Hoefler and Frere-Jones’ Knockout and Proteus type families draw on the same quirky American vernacular. … Continue reading

Denver Broncos endzone pattern

Larsen and Tebow's first passing touchdown, third quarter, 42-10

I don’t follow football, but while I was at the gym I saw a recap of the Broncos-Chiefs game that showed, in the endzones of Invesco Field (aka Mile High Stadium), a retro blue and orange diamond design. Color me impressed. Not only did it look great on TV, it did two other things. One, … Continue reading

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